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Monday, March 3, 2014

What Is Fundraising Candy?

Most of you are familiar with fundraisers. Chances are you've been approached to buy some sort of goods in exchange for funds to help an organization, and you've very likely participated in a fundraiser yourself at some point in your life. Because almost everybody loves candy, it makes perfect sense that candy sales are an excellent way to meet your fundraising needs.

What Is Fundraising Candy Good For?

Whether you are in need of funds for a school function, a church group, a sports organization, or for one of a variety of other non-profit organizations, selling candy is a sure way to increase your odds of success. One advantage of candy sales is that unlike some other fundraising options, you will have the goods available at the time of purchase. That not only benefits the customer by eliminating the need to wait and wonder when the goods will be received, but it also benefits you who are doing the selling by eliminating the need to keep records of sales or go back later and collects money. That results in a win-win situation for everybody concerned. You walk away from the sale with your profits in hand.

How Is Fundraising Candy Used?

There are various ways to go about the sales for a fundraiser. One way is to go door to door. While this has been a familiar and popular way for fundraisers to be done through the years, some people these days are not fond of strangers showing up on their doorstep asking for money. Yet, in the case of candy sales, some who might not usually welcome that knock on their door would actually greet you with a smile. Not only are the customers purchasing something they probably love, but they will have the added benefit of getting to enjoy their purchase right away.

Another way to sell the products is to get permission to set up a table in front of established businesses or at the location of your organization. This could be done in addition to door to door sales or instead of them. It eliminates or decreases concerns about going door to door by allowing customers to approach you.

Advantages to Purchasing Our Fundraising Kits

Our candy fundraising kits can help you meet and even surpass your goals. Each one contains a selection of favorite candy to choose from and offers a delightful and smart way to earn what you need. In addition, each box qualifies for free shipping thereby cutting your cost and increasing your profits. You can choose from our Hershey's $2 Fundraising Assortment, Hershey's Chocolatetown Plus, or Hershey's Max 52-count assortment, or if you can't decide which one is best, you could purchase some of each.

Not only would that eliminate your need to choose between the kits, but you'll be increasing the options you will have to offer your customers. All you will need to do is decide how many boxes you want to purchase. To give you an idea of how much you could earn, with the purchase of the 52-count assortment, your cost per box will be $37.50. At $2 for each candy bar, sales from one box will bring in $104.00, earning a profit of $66.50 for your organization. Hershey’s fundraiser candy packs are indeed a sweet deal.

There's no question that people love sweets. Whatever your fundraising needs, if you choose one of our fundraising candy kits, your profits are likely to be sweet as well.

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