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Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Favorites – Beyond the Chocolate Bunny

After Halloween, Easter marks the second best-selling candy holiday in America. While Easter began as a religious celebration, today it is celebrated by the secular and non-secular alike. Since the early 20th century, when it became possible to produce candy on a massive scale, the demand for chocolate eggs, bunnies and other unique Easter candy has remained high every spring. From classic Easter chocolates to more modern, unique Easter candy, The Wholesale Candy Shop has the sweet treats you’ve been searching for:

Classic Easter Candy – It’s hard to even think about celebrating Easter without at least one chocolate bunny, some Cadbury Crème Eggs, some Peeps and a couple Jelly Belly Beans to top it all off. We’ve got you covered with classic Easter chocolates, in addition to the more unique Easter candies you’ve come to know and love.

Unique Easter Candy – For those who are looking to change things up this Easter, The Whole Sale Candy Shop has what you need to keep things spicy (or salty, or sweet)! We’ve come up with some new suggestions for you and your kids to try out this Easter:

Novelty Candy – When you’re looking to bring back a little nostalgia in your life, and maybe teach your kids a thing or two about what is truly good candy, search no further than our wide selection of Novelty Candy:
King Size Candy – Indulge in all your year-round favorites – king sized! From Skittles to Junior Mints to Whatchamacallits and beyond, we’ve got the candy you know and love available in sizes to die for.

Swedish Fish – Beloved around the world, Swedish Fish were originally created in Sweden and today come in classic red in addition to green, yellow, orange and blue. Once you start snacking on these little gummy fish, you might find it hard to stop! Order yours in bulk today to ensure there’s enough to go around.

Rock Candy
– Pure sugar! Rock Candy is composed of large sugar crystals and is consumed around the world. In China it is often used to sweeten tea. In India it is sometimes used as a mouth freshener after meals. In parts of the Netherlands, bits are broken off and baked into white bread. In America, they are typically simply eaten and enjoyed straight. Create a new tradition and make Rock Candy the newest addition to your Easter basket!

Bulk Easter Candy
– The great thing about buying Easter candy is that whatever candy you decide to buy, as long as you eat it on Easter, it’s Easter candy! The Wholesale Candy Shop has been providing a wide selection of the best-selling and unique candy in bulk for over three decades. From chocolate Easter eggs to gummy candies to cough drops, you can find the sweet treats you love most here.