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Friday, May 1, 2015

How to Have Some Fun on May Day – and the Candy That Will Get You There

may day gift basket
Once a childhood staple, May Day is now one of the country’s most underrated holidays. We think that’s a shame; it’s the only holiday that allows you to get outdoors and brighten up your friends’ or neighbors’ days with surprise flowers, candy, or other tokens of appreciation! We’re here to help you embrace the holiday again with a few suggestions about celebrating May Day at any age.

Pick Some Wildflowers 

The best way to prep for May Day is to get outdoors and soak in the weather. Incidentally, this is a great excuse for a day trip if you have some time on your side! From Texas bluebells to East Coast mountain laurel, the odds are good that no matter where you’re located, you have some beautiful botany available. Is Spring arriving a little late for you this year, or do you live in a rainy climate like the Pacific Northwest? Get a little creative with your bouquets and substitute berries, ferns, and other lush greenery for the traditional flowers.

Put Together Your May Day Gifts: For Grownups

Pick a few of your friends, coworkers or neighbors and create small gift baskets. These can be as fancy or simple as your time and budget allows, but a few staples that are sure to please include:

  • Fruit or a small jar of homemade jam
  • Freshly-picked flowers; or pick up a few small, pre-potted plants or herbs from your local grocery store and substitute these instead. Fresh mint, basil or thyme – especially when it can continue growing on a kitchen windowsill – is cheap and always appreciated!
  • Fun or attractive candy – we recommend something individually wrapped so you can make the most of a bulk purchase while having a clean and easy way to include the candy. For equal parts beautiful and nostalgic, we love the decorative and delicious appeal of our old-fashioned hard candy sticks. These works of candy art come in an array of fun colors and flavors to match any style.
  • A small gift card – for the coffee fanantic in your life, a $5 gift card to the nearest coffee shop can go a long way in putting a smile on his or her face!

The key here is to be inexpensive and creative. These gifts should be fun and thoughtful, and designed to brighten someone’s day. That means just a little can go a long way.

Put Together Your May Day Gifts: For Children

There is nothing more fun for a child than cruising the neighborhood and leaving small gifts on the neighbors’ doorsteps. Personally, we feel this is an appropriate time to use the “ding dong dash” method of ringing the doorbell and sneaking away! Here are some simple, kid-friendly May Day gifts you can help your children put together:

  • Use dixie cups or generic paper coffee cups instead of baskets to keep it simple. The cups can still be full to the brim with fun items, but it’s an easy and affordable alternative to a gift basket. Kids can grab some markers and decorate the cups, or they can create their own cards to include with the gifts.
  • Add hand-picked flowers and fun found objects like shells or colorful rocks
  • If the recipients are other children, delight them with simple late-Spring fun like a box of chalk, a bag of water balloons, or a bottle of bubbles. Actually, even if the recipients are adults, you can still include these to appeal to the child-at-heart in all of us.
  • For candy options, aim for the bright, fun novelty candy that children naturally gravitate to. Options that are especially popular with kids include Gummi hotdogs, candy necklaces, and Fun Dips.

Pay It Forward

For the short on time, there’s one more tried-and-true May Day option: the Pay It Forward strategy. Buy coffee for the person in line behind you or lunch for the car behind you at the drive-thru. If you have a vending machine in your office, one method we love is to tape an envelope to the vending machine with a couple dollar bills in it. It’s guaranteed to make someone’s day.
Happy May Day, and have fun!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Favorites – Beyond the Chocolate Bunny

After Halloween, Easter marks the second best-selling candy holiday in America. While Easter began as a religious celebration, today it is celebrated by the secular and non-secular alike. Since the early 20th century, when it became possible to produce candy on a massive scale, the demand for chocolate eggs, bunnies and other unique Easter candy has remained high every spring. From classic Easter chocolates to more modern, unique Easter candy, The Wholesale Candy Shop has the sweet treats you’ve been searching for:

Classic Easter Candy – It’s hard to even think about celebrating Easter without at least one chocolate bunny, some Cadbury Crème Eggs, some Peeps and a couple Jelly Belly Beans to top it all off. We’ve got you covered with classic Easter chocolates, in addition to the more unique Easter candies you’ve come to know and love.

Unique Easter Candy – For those who are looking to change things up this Easter, The Whole Sale Candy Shop has what you need to keep things spicy (or salty, or sweet)! We’ve come up with some new suggestions for you and your kids to try out this Easter:

Novelty Candy – When you’re looking to bring back a little nostalgia in your life, and maybe teach your kids a thing or two about what is truly good candy, search no further than our wide selection of Novelty Candy:
King Size Candy – Indulge in all your year-round favorites – king sized! From Skittles to Junior Mints to Whatchamacallits and beyond, we’ve got the candy you know and love available in sizes to die for.

Swedish Fish – Beloved around the world, Swedish Fish were originally created in Sweden and today come in classic red in addition to green, yellow, orange and blue. Once you start snacking on these little gummy fish, you might find it hard to stop! Order yours in bulk today to ensure there’s enough to go around.

Rock Candy
– Pure sugar! Rock Candy is composed of large sugar crystals and is consumed around the world. In China it is often used to sweeten tea. In India it is sometimes used as a mouth freshener after meals. In parts of the Netherlands, bits are broken off and baked into white bread. In America, they are typically simply eaten and enjoyed straight. Create a new tradition and make Rock Candy the newest addition to your Easter basket!

Bulk Easter Candy
– The great thing about buying Easter candy is that whatever candy you decide to buy, as long as you eat it on Easter, it’s Easter candy! The Wholesale Candy Shop has been providing a wide selection of the best-selling and unique candy in bulk for over three decades. From chocolate Easter eggs to gummy candies to cough drops, you can find the sweet treats you love most here.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Creative Ways to Display Your Candy

Few things are more intoxicating than obscenely huge chocolate bars, wall to wall assortments of gummies, and barrels of bulk candy so big that you could practically dive into them (who could blame you?) Whether you’re considering how to best set up your storefront or perhaps thinking of imaginative ways to place some sweet party favors for a wedding or baby shower, the candy itself is often enough of an attention grabber but you can really hit home with someone’s sweet tooth with a fun and creative display that houses your goodies! We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite creative display ideas for candy to help get you inspired:

Mason jars – Aside from being ideal for preserves, mason jars are a great way to display a bunch of different sweets. A cost effective option that is suitable for any style of space, you can usually buy mason jars in bulk and in a variety of different sizes ideal for holding gumballs, Skittles, Twizzlers, and even cotton candy. Stack them on shelves, arrange them around your candy counter, or even tie twine or a ribbon on individual jars to sell in store as a gift! Spray paint and saw several candlesticks to different lengths and glue them to the bottom of the jars to be used as pedestals to create a more unique candy display.

Magazine racks and files - Things that are already optimized for organization and storage, like magazine racks and files, make great storage containers for bulk wrapped candy. Slim enough to be displayed in tighter spaces, magazine files can be displayed individually or side by side with different candy in each. Spray paint the surface and add a candy scoop into each magazine file. A hanging magazine rack is also a great way to save space on the floor and doubles as décor for your walls.

Glass bottles – Instead of recycling all of those empty glass bottles lying around, upcycle them into a creative candy display! Clean out thoroughly, pour colorful candy inside (we love the way the colors of Skittles pop,) and top off with a crazy straw or cork to complete. Pour a single color of candy into each bottle to create a rainbow display or choose to color coordinate for a particular display. Finish off with a ribbon or customized label to make a great gift customers can purchase or a party favor that is sure to be a hit among candy lovers.

“Sweet Seat” –A large comfy chair is always inviting to passersby – even more so if it’s covered in candy! A great way to display a variety of your product, a candy coated chair can be placed within the store or displayed in the window of your store front to act as a draw for customers. Simply glue Sprees, gumballs, Laffy Taffy, Smarties and other favorites to the surface of the chair. Get creative and cover stools, tables, and even light fixtures completely in candy for a truly sweet aesthetic.

Now that you’re sufficiently inspired, mix the above suggestions with your own creative ideas in crafting your very own mouthwatering display. Color coordinate, create tiered displays, and use upcycled old furniture for endless possibilities in creating a colorful and appealing candy buffet. And don’t forget about the candy that will make it all happen – be sure to check out our huge stock of bulk candy at The Wholesale Candy Shop!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Candy that Goes the Extra Mile: Five Types of Candy that Double as Entertainment

Whether you’re stocking a store, run a school or summer camp, or just want something fun for the family, fewer things instill instant nostalgia in children than candy that performs double duty as a fun game or toy. We have fond memories of our own childhood favorites and can’t wait to introduce another generation to the memory-making power of some of these time-honored novelty brands. Below are our favorite old stand-bys along with some new classics:

1. e. Frutti Gummi Candy

This fun candy brand produces, among other things, the infamous Gummi Hamburgers, Gummi Pizzas, and Gummi Hotdogs. Kids love the adorable (and adorably sweet!) miniature versions of their favorite food items, and many a child has meticulously created their own way to take apart and eat these candy “toys.” Since each mini product is individually wrapped, children also love the process of purchasing their own candy for the cost of just a couple quarters.

2. Pop Rocks

Who doesn’t remember the first time they tried Pop Rocks? This strange, fun candy contains little carbon dioxide bubbles that “pop” on melting, which produces a crackling sensation in your mouth as you eat them. Children go nuts over the hilarity of a candy that plays this unusual trick, and will often rush to make their friends try it. We can attest to the fact that putting Pop Rocks into glasses of water or a can of Sprite to see what happens next is usually the natural evolution of the Pop Rocks experience.

3. Sour Warheads

Sour Warheads are another great “socializing” candy; once a child first tries this intensely sour, mouth-puckering candy, they’re sure to grab a couple of friends to start an impromptu competition. The Warheads line has since expanded to include an even better variety of fun, playful candy, including Warheads Sour Dippers, Warheads Sour Spray, and even liquid candy drops.

4. Candy Necklaces and Ring Pops

These two wearable classics are here to stay. Although candy necklaces and ring pops aren’t made by the same company (the former originated with Ce De Candy, Inc; the latter with Topps), the two often go hand-in-hand to create a set of candy jewelry fit for bourgeoning princesses everywhere. We love ring pops in particular for their bright, costume jewelry-like appearance.

5. Kidsmania Flash Pops

The Kidsmania brand, without a doubt, ranks highly among candy companies who double as purveyors of fun. Just consider their unique Flash pops, which light up into an array of bright colors with the push of a button. Kidsmania also created the popular soda can candy, the “quick blast” fire extinguisher, and the shape-projecting laser pops. These inventive candies are a hit as a party favor for kids and adults alike. So go ahead and have some fun! No matter how old you are, everyone deserves a little more whimsy in their life.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Candy for Road Trips

The prospect of taking a road trip is exciting for the whole family, and an abundance of sweet treats for all to enjoy during the journey helps enhance the pleasure and create pleasant memories. Along with beach items, sunglasses and insulated cups to keep beverages cool, do not forget to pack plenty of candy that resists melting as you prepare for a summer road trip. Winter traveling, on the other hand, calls for warm coats, gloves and hats, and along with other candies, you can include some chocolate bars or pieces if you keep them out of the sunshine and away from the heater vents in your vehicle. Dark chocolate can help ease emotional stress and give you some of the same great feelings you are missing with Winter’s shorter days and limited sunlight. Re-sealable packages help store candy conveniently after opening the bags, and if you’re worried that summertime heat may lower the quality of your favorite candy, store it in sealed bags in your cool ice chest.

Candy Games


Children can get fidgety and tired of riding after only a short time on the road unless you devise ways to amuse them and divert their attention from their complaints. When driving on less-traveled roads, you may ask each child to pull a random M&M or Skittle from a bag and watch for vehicles of that color. The child who spots his or her chosen color first wins another piece or a package of candy. On busier highways, the kids can look for specific numbers, letters, words or colors on billboards or on the sides of trucks with a candy reward to help prolong the game. You can invent other simple games to entertain your youngsters, and you will keep their interest longer when they receive prizes of candy.

Practicing Road Safety


On long journeys, candy can be useful for many reasons, and one of its most valuable benefits deals with safety. Driving for lengthy periods can cause drowsiness, and most people know that it is always best to stop and sleep for a few minutes or get out of the car and walk around for a while until they feel alert again. Unfortunately, many people ignore the warning signs of sluggishness and excessive yawning and just keep driving to arrive at their destinations more quickly. Always keep some candy in a spot easily accessible to the driver because chewing something like fruit-flavored, firm and soft Haribo Gummi Bears or Trolli Gummi Neon Squiggles can help you stay more attentive. Make a game of eating the candy by reaching into the bag without looking and guessing which flavor you will pop into your mouth next, and every time you guess right, reward yourself with another piece. Sucking on some Red Hots with their spicy, cinnamon taste or Atomic FireBalls with an even more intense cinnamon flavor may be just what you need to make you forget about being tired. The popping noise and mild crackling sensation you experience when eating Pop Rocks will startle your senses into alertness, but you may prefer long-lasting lollipops with bold flavors like those in Jolly Rancher Pops. Whatever your preference, keeping your mouth busy savoring the goodness of sweet treats can help sharpen your vigilance.

Create nostalgic memories of enjoyable road trips by always including several particular brands of candy that all family members or fellow travelers love, and hand the sweets out as special treats during every journey. Before long, your friends will remind you in advance of each expedition not to forget about bringing the “road trip” candy. You will find that seeing or tasting the special candy even years later will evoke fond memories of the delightful journeys shared with your family or companions.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Party Candy Ideas

Planning a party is fun, and it’s even better with delicious, new ideas. If your strategy is easy on the schedule and the budget, that just makes it sweeter. Come up with something that everyone will love, and the hostess in your heart starts to sing. All you need is the inspiration of irresistible candy.

Delicious DIY Fun

Children know that yummy candy puts pizazz in everything, so take a cue from the kids. Let sweet treats get your creative party juices flowing. Affordable packaged candy is easy to work with and comes in enticing flavors, colors and shapes. You don’t have to clean out the local grocery shelves to set a theme or fulfill your decorating dreams. From the love of lollipops to cravings for boxed chocolates, online shopping is a golden ticket to DIY fun. Buy all your favorites in bulk, and let your candy party planner go wild.

Candy Goes With Everything

It’s hard to imagine a party that isn’t better with sweet offerings, and it’s easy to entertain with special goodies that don’t keep you in the kitchen. Imagine a birthday bash that spreads the fun with little present boxes of delectable bites for each guest. Picture setting a beautiful reception scene with a fabulous full-table candy buffet. Throw a class reunion celebration around the retro charm of Blow Pops and Jelly Bellies. From baby showers to retirement parties, sweet treats add a tasty touch to every occasion.

Set a Sweet Theme

Popcorn is boring at binge TV parties and movie marathons. Instead, set a scrumptious stage with theater favorites like Boston Baked Beans, Swedish Fish and Milk Duds. Invite the gang over for an evening of board games, and break out the Skittles for a rainbow of edible playing pieces. You can have a fun, low stakes casino night by using M&Ms or Skittles for a poker game. Make any backyard get-together a real hit with swinging pinatas that spill delicious treasures of wrapped candy and yummy chews. Serve up colorful Royal Gumball cocktails in margarita glasses and champagne flutes at your next grownup party, and enjoy new levels of adult conversation.


Kick It Up With Candy

Once you catch the candy craze, easy ideas pop up like visions of sugar plums. Take fresh cookies warm from the oven, and gently button them with M&Ms for a mouthwatering chocolate crunch. Turn a pretty frosted cake into real eye candy by decorating it with bright layers of colorful Gummy Bears. Why serve plain vanilla ice cream? Crown that creamy dessert with Cella’s Chocolate Cherries for a gorgeous bowl of gourmet delight. Put flavorful fizz in soda with jumbo peppermint balls, and jazz up cupcakes with twisted Twizzler toppers.

When you open up a big bag of tasty treats, turn your sweet tooth into inspiration. It’s easy to come up with great party candy ideas and impress guests with original spins on old favorites. With a little imagination and a touch of candy creativity, your next occasion is destined to be deliciously special.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Nostalgic Candy

Almost nothing transports you to another time and place more directly than a song or a scent of perfume, but candy that you enjoyed as a child can take you there in an instant. Most of the candies that you enjoyed then originated in the early 1900s. Their popularity nearly 100 years later assures you of a way to stage a successful fundraising event. Gummy bears, Jujubes, Jolly Ranchers, Junior Mints and lollipops are perennial favorites that have a nostalgic appeal that makes them sell well today.

Connecting Junior Mints and Junior Miss

Using candy to remind people of happy times is a way to increase sales. The familiar white boxes with green print are as much of a favorite now as they were in the 30s and 40s. Americans were in love with child star Shirley Temple, and her role on the Junior Miss radio sitcom in 1942 gave them a favorite name for her. Linking a famous name to the popular treat gave it widespread acceptance that still exists today. You have a ready market for a treat that is a favorite of all ages, and we offer cartons of 12, 24 and 72 individual boxes of Junior Mints.

Our line of gums and mints includes bags of LifeSavers, Jumbo Mint Balls, Rainblo Bubble Gum, assorted flavors of Dubble Bubble, Dentyne ice, Beeman’s and Wrigley’s. For a quick trip into yesterday, include Clove chewing gum for a nostalgic accent.

Inventing Gummy Bears

Watching dancing bears perform in 18th century street fairs in Europe inspired a German candy maker to create gummy bears. Popular enough for a trip across the ocean, the sugary and chewy treat came to America in the early 1900s. A booth at a craft fair in the spring or fall can produce results for your fundraiser when you offer them for sale. Renaissance fairs today are reminiscent of street fairs in Europe, and people have plenty of time to enjoy turkey legs. You can present your wares as a pleasantly sweet alternative.

Our product line contains the most popular Trolli specialties, including Gummy Bears, Squigglers, Peachie O’s, Strawberry Puffs, Brite Octopus, Classic Bears and Brite Crawlers. Our Sour Patch Watermelon and Swedish Fish add to our presentation of gummy candies for every taste.

Sticking with the Lollipop and Hard Candies

Everyone remembers having a lollipop as a child, and you can capitalize on their taste for a candy that continues to please young and old alike. Some candy making legends contend that an American company popularized the current form of the treat that was enjoyed in ancient cultures. An anglicized version of an Arabic word for sugar coated treats appears as our word for candy.

Using sticks to stir the mix for hard candies, the owner of a candy making company found that his children enjoyed eating the sugary substance that stuck to the stirs. By 1906, he started marketing the sticks. Popular brands in our hard candy line include Charms, Jolly Rancher, Columbina and Werther’s Originals.

Treasuring a Big Bag or Bar

An occasion that allowed you to have a big bar for yourself alone probably stands out as a memorable one, especially if it was accompanied by a sugary drink. A huge bar of Hershey chocolate was savored for each bite, and saving part of it for later likely did not occur to you. The same thrill of filling your taste buds with creamy chocolate is still as rewarding now as it was then.

Our bag of licorice Twizzlers appeals to candy connoisseurs everywhere, and our Peppermint Pattie offers an equally delightful taste sensation. We have full size bars in brands that include Pay Day, Nutrageous, Mr. Goodbar and Fast Break in addition to Hershey’s, York Peppermint Pattie and Junior Mints.

Finding a Good Location for a Fundraiser

Sports complexes in communities across the country reflect the popularity of providing healthy activities for children, and many have lights for evening activities as well. Parents and friends of children who participate in baseball, football and soccer attend events every weekend in spring, summer and fall. By making arrangements with event organizers, you can occupy a booth or set up some tables to display your wares. Many merchants allow sponsors of fundraisers to sell products on their premises, especially if the fundraiser is for a worthy cause.