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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Candy that Goes the Extra Mile: Five Types of Candy that Double as Entertainment

Whether you’re stocking a store, run a school or summer camp, or just want something fun for the family, fewer things instill instant nostalgia in children than candy that performs double duty as a fun game or toy. We have fond memories of our own childhood favorites and can’t wait to introduce another generation to the memory-making power of some of these time-honored novelty brands. Below are our favorite old stand-bys along with some new classics:

1. e. Frutti Gummi Candy

This fun candy brand produces, among other things, the infamous Gummi Hamburgers, Gummi Pizzas, and Gummi Hotdogs. Kids love the adorable (and adorably sweet!) miniature versions of their favorite food items, and many a child has meticulously created their own way to take apart and eat these candy “toys.” Since each mini product is individually wrapped, children also love the process of purchasing their own candy for the cost of just a couple quarters.

2. Pop Rocks

Who doesn’t remember the first time they tried Pop Rocks? This strange, fun candy contains little carbon dioxide bubbles that “pop” on melting, which produces a crackling sensation in your mouth as you eat them. Children go nuts over the hilarity of a candy that plays this unusual trick, and will often rush to make their friends try it. We can attest to the fact that putting Pop Rocks into glasses of water or a can of Sprite to see what happens next is usually the natural evolution of the Pop Rocks experience.

3. Sour Warheads

Sour Warheads are another great “socializing” candy; once a child first tries this intensely sour, mouth-puckering candy, they’re sure to grab a couple of friends to start an impromptu competition. The Warheads line has since expanded to include an even better variety of fun, playful candy, including Warheads Sour Dippers, Warheads Sour Spray, and even liquid candy drops.

4. Candy Necklaces and Ring Pops

These two wearable classics are here to stay. Although candy necklaces and ring pops aren’t made by the same company (the former originated with Ce De Candy, Inc; the latter with Topps), the two often go hand-in-hand to create a set of candy jewelry fit for bourgeoning princesses everywhere. We love ring pops in particular for their bright, costume jewelry-like appearance.

5. Kidsmania Flash Pops

The Kidsmania brand, without a doubt, ranks highly among candy companies who double as purveyors of fun. Just consider their unique Flash pops, which light up into an array of bright colors with the push of a button. Kidsmania also created the popular soda can candy, the “quick blast” fire extinguisher, and the shape-projecting laser pops. These inventive candies are a hit as a party favor for kids and adults alike. So go ahead and have some fun! No matter how old you are, everyone deserves a little more whimsy in their life.