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Friday, July 11, 2014

Party Candy Ideas

Planning a party is fun, and it’s even better with delicious, new ideas. If your strategy is easy on the schedule and the budget, that just makes it sweeter. Come up with something that everyone will love, and the hostess in your heart starts to sing. All you need is the inspiration of irresistible candy.

Delicious DIY Fun

Children know that yummy candy puts pizazz in everything, so take a cue from the kids. Let sweet treats get your creative party juices flowing. Affordable packaged candy is easy to work with and comes in enticing flavors, colors and shapes. You don’t have to clean out the local grocery shelves to set a theme or fulfill your decorating dreams. From the love of lollipops to cravings for boxed chocolates, online shopping is a golden ticket to DIY fun. Buy all your favorites in bulk, and let your candy party planner go wild.

Candy Goes With Everything

It’s hard to imagine a party that isn’t better with sweet offerings, and it’s easy to entertain with special goodies that don’t keep you in the kitchen. Imagine a birthday bash that spreads the fun with little present boxes of delectable bites for each guest. Picture setting a beautiful reception scene with a fabulous full-table candy buffet. Throw a class reunion celebration around the retro charm of Blow Pops and Jelly Bellies. From baby showers to retirement parties, sweet treats add a tasty touch to every occasion.

Set a Sweet Theme

Popcorn is boring at binge TV parties and movie marathons. Instead, set a scrumptious stage with theater favorites like Boston Baked Beans, Swedish Fish and Milk Duds. Invite the gang over for an evening of board games, and break out the Skittles for a rainbow of edible playing pieces. You can have a fun, low stakes casino night by using M&Ms or Skittles for a poker game. Make any backyard get-together a real hit with swinging pinatas that spill delicious treasures of wrapped candy and yummy chews. Serve up colorful Royal Gumball cocktails in margarita glasses and champagne flutes at your next grownup party, and enjoy new levels of adult conversation.


Kick It Up With Candy

Once you catch the candy craze, easy ideas pop up like visions of sugar plums. Take fresh cookies warm from the oven, and gently button them with M&Ms for a mouthwatering chocolate crunch. Turn a pretty frosted cake into real eye candy by decorating it with bright layers of colorful Gummy Bears. Why serve plain vanilla ice cream? Crown that creamy dessert with Cella’s Chocolate Cherries for a gorgeous bowl of gourmet delight. Put flavorful fizz in soda with jumbo peppermint balls, and jazz up cupcakes with twisted Twizzler toppers.

When you open up a big bag of tasty treats, turn your sweet tooth into inspiration. It’s easy to come up with great party candy ideas and impress guests with original spins on old favorites. With a little imagination and a touch of candy creativity, your next occasion is destined to be deliciously special.


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